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About Public SPACE

Thinktank and platform for public and civil entrepreneurs.


We want to bring social issues closer to a solution by stimulating and supporting social entrepreneurship and active citizenship. Therefore we stimulate and initiate innovation and creativity in concepts and policies, influence the societal arena, and support social entrepreneurs and their specific ventures. Healthcare, Public Housing, Education, (sustainable) Energy and NGO’s are our main focus.


To solve societal problems, we need to make an increasing use of social entrepreneurship and active citizenship. Government can’t provide and organize all solutions. Government often isn’t the most suitable party to play a dominant role or even hinders possible initiatives and solutions.

PublicSPACE has a clear vision about the necessary changes needed to use the full potential in society. New structures and cultural changes are needed, just as a new attitude of government and politics, and of citizens and entrepreneurs. Government has to learn to be a trustworthy partner and citizens and industry leaders have to look in other directions than government when societal questions are concerned.

What we do

  • Making profound innovative analyses of sectors and policy domains
  • Bringing to public attention the practices of social entrepreneurs, creative directors and specific innovative ideas
  • Making a network of entrepreneurs, directors, officials and scientists.
  • Influence politics and government with the goal of supporting social entrepreneurship and reform in the public sector.