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IndustryForum Healthcare ‘Power of patients and impact on leadership’ Munich

On December 6 Steven de Waal is one of the keynote speakers at the IndustryForum Healthcare in Munich.

This event presents the latest trends in the medical sector, including healthcare digitalization.

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The title of Steven de Waal’s lecture will be: ‘Disruption of Healthcare: Power of patients and impact on leadership‘. He will be talking about how the same technological revolution that caused disruption in the markets will affect the power and mentality of citizens, also in their role as patients. They now have a direct channel for data, information, organization and communication. That will influence their mentality and give them tools to influence and even initiate public debate, about healthcare in general and also about specific providers and insurers, when they feel an urge or necessity to do that. These new technologies already influence their attitude towards politics, but will also further change their attitude towards healthcare. Steven de Waal will also analyse the impact of this modern power of patients on civil leadership in healthcare, the topic of his dissertation: ‘The value(s) of Civil Leaders’ (Eleven 2014).