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Government and Public Services

Getting used to the technological power of the disruptive citizen – IndustryForum Municipality Sweden

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On February 7 Steven de Waal was one of the speakers at the IndustryForum Municipality in Sweden that discussed the current issues in the municipal level and explored digitalization from the public sector perspective. His lecture ‘Getting used to the technological power of the disruptive citizen’ (download pdf) is based on his knowledge and research in this […]

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The rising power of citizens

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We know disruption as a strategic phenomenon in the market. Many professional politicians and executives of public service organizations wrongly think (or hope) it is a phenomenon restricted to the market…  (meer…)

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Disruptive Citizenforce and Municipalities’ best respons- IndustryForum Government Finland

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On November 16 Steven de Waal is one of the speakers at the IndustryForum Government in Finland that discusses current goverment issues and explores digitalization from the public sector perspective. His lecture is based on his knowledge of strategic literature, both from market, political and public services perspective. He chairs a private, independent ThinkTank Public […]

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Public IT conference Copenhagen; The Disruptive Citizen

The 600Minutes Public IT conference hosted by Mangement Events paves the way for digitalization and explores the multifaceted possibilities of data in the public sector. I was asked to lecture about my recent books. I worked with Management Events in the past, especially with lectures on national systems and new developments in health care. I […]

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Public Broadcasting in International Perspective

Media like radio, newspapers, television and the internet are crucial aspects in our daily life. One of the most important players in this public domain are the Public Service Broadcasters. Their purpose is to inform, educate and entertain the public in an independent and pluriform way, while being accessible for everyone. However, the current arrangement […]

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Contracting Out

Contracting out is a method often chosen by governments in order to increase efficiency and to reduce government spending. Characteristic of contracting out is that it refers to the transfer of service delivery to an entity not within normal governmental hierarchy without transferring the ultimate responsibility and accountability to that entity as well. This in […]

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Public Broadcasting Remit

Presented in this report are the various stipulations from European Law regarding the Public Broadcasting Remit. Historically, EU Member States have been quick to secure the position of their public broadcasting systems in view of expanding European law, thus providing shelter for the systems that developed over decades. European law has allowed Public Broadcasting Remits […]

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Financial Instruments of Government

Financial instruments provide governments with an effective method to shape society. Whether it is used in a direct or indirect way, governments can use this instrument to change societal incentive structures, correct market failures and finance directly the production and delivery of public goods. Changing incentives Fiscal policy enables government to change the financial incentive […]

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Auctioning is increasingly becoming the mechanism of choice in allocating resources such as licenses. Many countries around the globe have recently auctioned spectrum licenses for use of UMTS. No doubt many of the governments that have opted to use the mechanism of an auction as opposed to other mechanisms, did so because of the possibility […]

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